I’m also a local photo reporters and after many years of advertising, events and interior photography, I decided  to use photography to narrate, places, people and emotions. Photography allows me to crystallize all these moments through an image, recreating the atmosphere of that particular event. 

I started landscape photography too, because it represents for me the beauty of the world and nature, and also because I love travelling, meeting new people and visiting new places. Together in the photowalk we will learn to immortalize nature, its light and its morphology, learning to communicate through photography all the sensations felt in that instant.

As Ansel Adams, a great landscape photographer, said;
“We don’t just take pictures with a camera. We put in the act of photographing all the images seen, the books read, the music listened to, the loved ones”.

Also touring a new city  can be a very exciting experience, but it can also be quite an adventure if you are unsure of which places to visit and how.

I will guide you in an exclusive tour through the most interesting landmarks and monuments.

My pourpose is to improve your photography, teaching you the right techniques, to obtain memorable photos that will remind you a funny day.

photo wlaking tour cinque terre


photo walking tour milano